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The magazine started its journey in December 2019 as “The Plus”, aiming to be a resource bank for teenagers. We explored our content through the lens of creativity, yogic understanding, and exponential possibilities. We covered varied aspects ranging from culture, education, food, history, music, science, technology, and more through the latest buzzwords, articles, interviews, and introspective tales. With the Indic Knowledge System at the core of our creation, we picked up a new theme and delved deeper into it, presenting its historic and practical sides in each edition.

As we transitioned to “RishiPlus”, we widened our focus toward teachers and parents, adding a wide array of educational instruments. Constantly building on the past years of creation, RishiPlus Magazine now aims to be a treasure trove of practical knowledge for learners, whether that is students, faculty members, alumni, or anyone who is aligned with lifelong learning. Guided by research, we bring out the relevance of our ancient knowledge in our present world and be a platform for learners as well as experts who share our vision. RishiPlus is a celebration of the values that define the Rishihood University community: curiosity, courage, and joy. In line with that, we hope to inspire our readers to explore new horizons, take bold steps, and find joy in the journey.